Thinking about adding some colors in your homes, then you have stumbled on the right article. Plants are a great option to add a pop of green to your living areas.

Now, your love for plants should not be limited by the space factor. Indoor plants are easy to care for, requires less amount of water and can be easily placed in a limited space.

Gardening can be fun but it is not necessarily for everyone as there is no free space available in most modern homes.  Bringing nature into your homes has become a popular interior feature in all modern households.

Choosing the right plant for your homes can be tricky, especially if you do not have an ample amount of time to give them regular care. Indoor plants do not require big empty spaces but can enhance the beauty of a corner in your apartment. Another extremely important aspect while choosing the plant is it should be paired with the right planter or pot. When you are new to plant parenthood some things can seem very intense but are easy as you got with the flow. There are mainly three different kinds of materials in which planters or pots are available: ceramic, terracotta and plastic.

Choosing the right planter is necessary as it directly affects the drying out time of the soli, the growth of the plant and the strength and health of the roots. Well, we have assembled certain pointers that can help you choose the perfect indoor planter for your home and will make your plant parenthood journey super easy. So, let’s start prepping up in welcoming the newest member of your family:

5 Tips to Choose The Right Planters For You

how to choose planters

1)Know Your Planters Well

So, pots are generally small in size, round in shape and are used to contain a single plant. While planters on the other hand are irregular in shape and are meant for outdoors. Choosing the right planter material is also crucial, the best suitable option is porous ceramic material in comparison to plastic planters or pots. Porous materials help in the proper drainage of water from the pot making the soil healthy and airy.

2) Keep Drainage System On Point

Plants do not thrive in still water and because of which the roots easily rot, a proper drainage system allows the easy flow of water. If you do not want to ruin your aesthetically perfect planter, then try double potting. Here, you can use terracotta or ceramic planter with holes and then place it in the beautiful artistic planter.

3) Pick The Perfect Spot

People often place planters in between clusters of furniture, where they are not able to grow as the limited airflow is blocked. You should keep the planters where there is a laminar flow of air and the planters should be kept at least at a distance of 6 feet from another. It is also advisable to keep your planters near an open window.

4) Keep Them Squeaky Clean

You need to treat plants as your tiny leafy pets and you need to keep them with utmost love and care. Planters should be cleaned regularly in order to avoid any plant diseases. If you have clay pots they might have a mineral buildup on prolonged use. You can easily brush it off using steel-wool cleaner and vinegar solution. If you have plastic pots then you need to clean them with insecticidal soap and warm water.

5) Size Does Matter

While choosing the planter make sure you have the right size in your mind because your plant will eventually grow to some lengths. While choosing the planters make sure that it is 1-2 inch larger than the original plant size. If the pot size is too large there are chances that the soil might dry slowly and retain water which will cause the roots to rot easily. In case the plant is too small the soil might dry up too rapidly and you will need to water it constantly, making it an unavoidable hassle.

We also have curated a perfect list of some indoor plants that can add a pop of green to your living area and when combined with the right planters they will make your home into a green heaven:

5 Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

1) Jade Plant

This succulent plant is also known as the lucky plant, money tree or Crassula ovata. These are one of the most reliable and durable plants. They have a very minimum basic requirement of sunlight, water and are evergreen. These plants have a wide life span and therefore are great companions and also are counted as amazing gifting options. These plants can be grown in succulent pots or succulent planters for a wide life span.

2) Lady Palm

If you are a fan of the tropical world and want a piece of it inside your homes then make sure to go for Lady Palm. It is the safest option and requires minimum care and attention. The plant does not require direct sunlight and also cansurvive on a limited amount of water as long as the topsoil is kept moist. They can be kept in strong and sturdy plant containers or planters like terracotta or concrete planters.

3) Snake Plant

If you are a beginner in the whole area of keeping plants as your friend then Snake Plant can prove to be your “First Friend”. This plant requires no regular water assistance or humidity check and can survive under very limited and scarce conditions. 

4) Swiss Cheese Plant

This is Pinterest favourite plant species and is common in every photo of any fashion blogger or influencer. They are surely a statement addition to your home and are also hassle-free. The plant requires no direct contact with sunlight and requires a very less amount of maintenance. They require proper cleaning in the month of summers and also require airy and spacious planters.

5) Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily

These are another famous variety of plants and are coveted with the title of being one of the best air-purifying plants. Peace lily has dark green leaves with small white flowers and requires indirect sunlight for its optimal growth. Although the plant is beautiful but is also equally dangerous when ingested and should be kept away from the reach of pets and children.

Tips For Keeping The Plants Healthy and Thriving

1) Make sure the soil is not too moist and not too dry and should be watered adequately to keep the topsoil wet enough.

2) The soil should have a proper drainage system and the planters should be spacious and airy to allow proper passage of air. Do not keep your plants near an Air Conditioner or a direct light source to avoid rapid drying of the soil surface.

3) Clean your plants regularly and spray them regularly with insecticidal soap and also use a moist cloth for regular cleaning.

Plants in your home symbolize healthy living and they aid you in achieving peace and calm in your life. Keeping and maintaining plants can feel like a daunting task but with proper help and guidance, you can ace the art of growing indoor plants. Your choice of planter and plant should fit like a glove for a perfect green partnership. We hope this guide helps you in finding the perfect planter for your green leafy friends.

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