The Corona pandemic came and controlled the whole world. People were forced to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travels. They had to work from home with their kids who could no longer attend school.

As staying at home has been inevitable in the past one year, everyone has surely noticed one thing. That’s the importance of living in a comfortable, functional, and an exciting home.

As home décor ideas continue to evolve, chances are that you cannot wait to update various rooms.  To help you accomplish this goal, we will share up to 10 different interior decoration ideas.

2021 Home Decor Ideas

1. Old school, conventional, Grandmillenial style is back

Did you know that the traditional home décor styles are in trend right now? That’s right, and the most popular trend in the Covid-19 era is the Grandmillenial style. This one draws inspiration from the comforts of your grandmother’s home. Thus, velvet sofas and flowery curtains are in vogue now. The millennials are happy to copy some vintage decor ideas from the Grandmillenial period. The main reason why the traditional designs are popular now is because they create comfortable and functional spaces while being chic. In some homes, traditional designs will be merged with modern home décor styles. 

2. Bold wall paints are trendy right now

The loveliest homes in 2021 will consist of bold interiors. Wall paint color trends will lean toward the bold and beautiful colors. So, are you curious to know which paint colors will suit your living room this year? According to some paint colors professionals, the best wall colors will be:

• Greys with other colors– Grey colors are neutral and elegant. A blend of beige and grey, for instance, can create a more sophisticated background to the existing furniture and overall décor.  A dark shade of grey can be selected for a tinier space in your living room, such as your fireplace. That’s when grey is not your preference.

 • Soft red and pink paints – To make your living room area more noticeable, paint the walls in a gentle pink or red coat. These earthy colors can help you create a cozier and stylish living area.

• The calming blue-green shades – These can add to the beauty, comfort and style of your home. They are also soothing and are enough to calm down your mind during these difficult times of Covid-19. 

• Believe it or not, black is back – Although a black colored wall looks weird, it is slowly becoming a strong trend. Black can add depth and can be easily combined with a bold color.

• Sap green color – If you love nature, you should bring a green tone to your interiors. A simple way to do this is to select sap green paint for your living room walls. This was largely a mid-century wall appearance and it looks nice even now.

3. Split your rooms to make better use of the available space

Everyone is spending their time indoors and making better use of the available space is a must. People have less disposable incomes than they did prior to the Corona epidemic. Most of them cannot afford expensive home renovation projects to add extra rooms. 

Instead, they are choosing to divide their existing interior spaces in a creative and sensible manner. Now more than ever, people need separate rooms and more privacy, including home offices and gyms.  So, room dividers are a must as you look for cheap home décor tricks you can afford to implement.  

4. Introduce bright colored furniture and other pieces of wood art

Darker shades for furniture and wooden surfaces and artworks have been around for the longest time. In 2021, however, these are being substituted for lighter tone woods. These brighter furniture pieces are becoming stylish because they create an illusion that you are living in a larger house.

You can purchase just one or two items made of light-toned timber if your budget is small. Moreover, you can search for these items in online home décor stores.

5. A natural, eco-friendlier look is stylish in 2021

Most people living now are conscious about recycling things and taking good care of theirsurroundings. This is where a more natural, eco-friendlier style is emanating from. Home décor trends for 2021 are aimed at sustainability.

Thus, people are obtaining second hand home décor items that are constructed of environmental-friendly materials like cane, leather, and organicfiber and so on. The Corona virus is enough reason to keep the environment clean and preserve it for future generations. 

6. Buy more earth-toned decor items this year

Although bold colors are officially trendy this year, earth tones have gone nowhere. In fact, people who don’t like bold colors alone are creatively pairing them with earth colors. These include beige, brown, terracotta, burnt umber, taupe, sands, and so on. Even the earth color that is barely chosen will be hot in 2021. These can be paired with a bold color or a neutral color like white or grey and still look great.

7. Art and crafts : the 19th century styles plus the face line graphic art

Items that were made with bare hands in the 19th century are becoming a hot trend in 2021. Theseantique decorative art pieces will be creatively merged with modern era face line graphic artworks. You can try home décor online shopping if you decide to get stylish art pieces to upgrade your house with. 

8. Stylish light fixtures in 2021 are Neon lights

Like most people, you probably expected the LED lights to take the center stage. While LED lights are here to stay, they are going to be teamed up with some antique neon lights. These can be in the form of word arts or light signs. You can gather ideals online. 

9. Weather-resistant upholstery for your patio and backyard

To avoid Covid-19 transmission, you have to stay indoors rather than visit clubs, parks, city streets or another exciting place. So what’s left to do other than make use of your backyard or patio? This is the only safe place left to hold your small family-based ceremonies.

To make this outdoor space cozier, you should buy upholstered patio furniture. Don’t just choose any upholstery; make sure it can resist weather elements. When choosing furniture, keep in mind that round sofas, tables, and armchairs are in fashion right now. Check these in the best online home goods store.

10. Focus on a creating a mixture of textures

As aforementioned, the goal this year is to create the most comfortable and functional living space. As you select pieces of furniture, flooring materials, paints, wall artworks, and other items for home decoration, think of how you can mix textures. For instance, you can create lovely textures with different types of rugs plus eco-friendly cane armchairs and tables. 


Besides the above design trends, you should include all manner of house plants. You are indoors every day and have adequate time to take care of indoor and outdoor plants. Finally, think of everyone’s comfort, work, and happiness, when deciding on how to update your home décor.

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